Next Step 2011 - Dover, Delaware

Next Step 2011 Brochure

What is STEMulating about NSI?

Next Steps Institute is a conference, workshop, and networking session for educational professionals.  Held over four days, the experience encompasses content immersion, learning, practice, reflection and sharing. Employing cognitive brain research about how people learn, learning styles, and the latest in education practice and methodology (learning circles, World Café conversations, team coaching and technology), this year the theme of STEM education is at NSI’s heart, NSI is a true blend of theoretical, practical, skills and content for education leaders and educators from the STEM community. 

Why STEMulate? Why now?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, ‘70% of all new jobs will be in the areas of science and engineering.’ Now, more than ever, we need inspiring networking and community building, along with the latest thinking about best practice, in order to most effectively implement STEM education for the students of the 21st Century.

The core problem is that our education and training systems were built for another era. We can get where we must go only by changing the system itself. Tough Choices or Tough Times – National Center on Education and the Economy. ASMC and its partners are committed to education reform with high quality hands-on relevant education. Next Steps is designed to address these real world issues and through dialogue and strategic discussion. Now more than ever we need a community of committed educators to prepare our children for the realities of the next generation. Next Steps is the venue for that community.

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