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2012 Networking Forum, Indianapolis 

This year's Net Forum brough familiar and fresh faces to Next Steps! Thank you for joining us as we collectively navigated the current STEM education landscape. Some of the fruits of our labor are oulined below.

Thank you to our 2012 sponsors, 2B Solutions and the Hands-On Science Partnership! 



 As we take our Next Steps - here is the landscape analysis that will inform the strategic plan: 


2011 Networking Forum, San Francisco

ASMC would like to thank all of the Networking Forum participants. This year's event brought together educators from across the state and region to share ideas, stories, and a few laughs. Thanks a million for joining us! 

Download invitation to Network Forum


2010 Networking Forum, Philadelphia

Two presentations from the Forum are available for download:

Jerry Valdez and the Central Valley Science Project

Carol Peterson and the Einstein Project

Please check back here for more information, data, and conversation about the efficacy of using inquiry in the classroom.


2009 Networking Forum, New Orleans

ASMC’s annual opportunity to meet friends and colleagues took place at NSTA’s national meeting in New Orleans this past March.

Thank you everyone that provided input, comments, and conversation around the Next Steps in science education! We could not create this direction without you.

the Forum presentation (PDF file)
Download a large version of the Forum recording map (above)