Next Steps welcomes new members! If you are interested in joining us, please download this membership application and fax it our way! Membership Applicaiton

How Next Steps works

Next Steps, powered by Earth Force, formerly ASMC works to create effective science classrooms, but the organization is only one part of the equation. We work with our members and affiliate organizations as a team to inspire, engage, and encourage science materials providers and educators so that they can put science into the hands of children.

Why is becoming a member important?

  • As a member you will join a professional organization that supports science centers, educators and administrators in the United States and abroad in the use of inquiry-based, hands-on materials in and out of classrooms.
  • Today, more than ever, presents a change for students to excel in Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering. They need teachers prepared to facilitate that opportunity.
  • Studies demonstrate that teaching in a hands-on manner makes learning more meaningful, we provide resources and a learning community to enable effective and fun hands on teaching.
  • 85% of the jobs in the future don’t exist today. Many of them will be in the field of Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering. Are you ready to lead students into this exciting new world?

How will your membership help?

  • It’s a mutually beneficial opportunity; you are connected with science education enthusiasts who care about science as much as you do!
  • Your expertise and ideas have the power to inform a national movement. We work collaboratively and members are our eyes and ears in the field. We want to know how to support you and your students on a larger scale.
  • Working together, we can make a difference and see more science in classrooms p-20.

Together we can put science in the hands of children!

Types of Membership

There are two types of annual memberships available

Individual: $40/annual
Institute (up to 5 individuals): $120/annual

Please make checks payable to Earth Force

Benefits of Membership

  • Discounts to NSI and future Next Steps program 
  • Next Steps newsletter with tips/tricks and ideas from colleagues in the field
  • Discounts and coupons for materials and PD opportunities from our member corporations