Welcome to our library! This section will be under perpetual development. As resources for hands-on science become available, materials centers record and share tours, and tools for science resource centers are created, they will be posted here. The vision for this page is to provide a variety of information, tools, and videos that support the benefits of hands-on teaching and learning for students across the country. 

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About Science Resource Centers:

A Guide for Exemplary Elementary Science Instruction: A Materials Resource Center Approach – Revised Edition. This document provies a wealth of informaiton about how to begin a center, considerations, and a step by step process for implementation. 

The Van Allen Science Teaching Center in Cedar Rapids, IA, is a great resource! Their work was recently highlighted in a FOSS publication. Take a look at this story that outlines their amazing growth, opportunities and next steps!

The Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative is a robust program supporting over 450,000 students in the state with hands-on science and mathematics education resources. This article does a great job describing their program.

2B Solutions has helped science resource centers in Alabama, Delaware, and now Indiana streamline the materials management systems with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This case study highlights their capabilities, tools, and successes. 

Sample Job Descriptions for Various Roles in Materials Centers:

This is intended to serve as an expmple of potential job descriptions for those that are looking to start a center, expand, or modify what already exists. These positions are not currently availble, but designed to be a tool in establishing roles and descriptions for others. 

Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative job descriptions, for various positions within their state-wide materials management system.

General Interview Questions for a Materials Center Technician, this is a basic list of questions for bringing in someone to support a materials center.

Virtual Science Center Tours:

Scottsdale Unified Schools has one of the longest running science resource centers around. They were instrumental in the early days of this organization and have been tireless supporters of hands-on science for over twenty years. Click here for a tour of their science resource center and information about their program. 

Tucson Unified School District serves over 60,000 K-8 students with their resource center. Their goals are to support effective and equitable science eduucation with Standards-Based Curriculum, as well as professional development to ensure a highly qualified work force - editor's note we LOVE this. Take a virtual tour of their warehouse by clicking here

Van Allen Science Teaching Center has a center that's experienced tremendous growth in thier hands-on program. To take a video tour of their center, you can click on this link. (go to most viewed tab, and then to 'VAST Center Tour'. 


The Einstein Project, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, provided a longitudinal study of students engaged in hands-on science. Their data demonstrates that using these tools does increase performance on standardized exams.

The Central Valley Science Project a partnership between Fresno Unified School District and California State University, Fresno, provides insights into how inquiry-based science instruction helps close the Acheivement Gap among English Language Learners in the central valley. 


Denver Public Schools uses inquiry-based science curriculum k-12 and has a busy Science Resource Center that services the 70,000+ students within the district. This video provides hightlights and importance of inquiry in addition to the center operated by one of our finest!

Science Evangelist, professor, and Next Step participant Ainissa Rameries has been busy at Yale working with her community's young people. Her mission is to get kids excited and thinking STEM! In fulfulling her mission, she has created these great video clips. and!